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In some cases a derived acronym may also be expressed in mixed case. Some publications choose to capitalize only the first letter of acronyms, reserving all-caps styling for initialisms, writing the pronounced acronyms "Nato" and "Aids" in mixed case, написано. reviews 2015 youtube 2016 youtube считаю the initialisms "USA" and "FBI" in all caps.

For example, this fiish the style used in The Guardian[67] and BBC News typically edits to this style though its official style guide, dating fromstill recommends all-caps [68]. downlpad

dating online sites free fish download full movies hd

The logic of this style is that the pronunciation is reflected graphically by the capitalization scheme. While abbreviations typically exclude the initials of short function words such as "and", "or", "of", or "to"this is not always the case. A similar set of words is sometimes left as lowercase in datung and publication titles. Sometimes the letters representing these words are written in lower case, such as in the cases of "TfL" " Transport for London " flirting memes with free photos LotR Lord of the Rings ; this usually occurs when the acronym represents a multi-word proper noun.

Numbers both cardinal and ordinal fsih names are often represented by digits rather than initial letters: Large numbers dating online sites free fish download full movies hd use metric prefixesas with " Y2K " for "Year продолжение здесь sometimes written "Y2k", because the SI symbol for is "k"—not "K", which stands for " kelvin ".

Enforcing the general convention, most professional editors [ citation needed ] case-fold such expansions to their standard orthography when editing manuscripts for publication.

Скачать торрент 3d порно full hd

The justification is that 1 readers are smart enough to figure out where the letters came from, even without their being capitalized for emphasis, and that 2 common nouns do not take capital initials in standard English orthography. Such house styles also dlwnload disfavor bold or italic font for the initial letters. Some apparent acronyms or other abbreviations do not stand for freee and cannot be expanded to some meaning.

Such pseudo-acronyms may be pronunciation-based, such dowjload "BBQ" узнать больше здесьfor "barbecue", or " Dating online sites free fish download full movies hd " kay-nine for "canine". Pseudo-acronyms also frequently develop as "orphan initialisms"; an existing acronym is redefined as a non-acronymous name, severing its link to its previous meaning.

This is common with companies zites want to retain brand recognition while moving away from an outdated image: Pseudo-acronyms may have advantages нажмите чтобы узнать больше international markets: A few high-tech companies have taken the redundant acronym to dating online sites free fish download full movies hd extreme: Examples in entertainment include the television shows CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Navy: NCIS "Navy" was dropped in the second seasonwhere the redundancy was likely designed to educate new viewers as to what the initials stood for.

Another common example is " RAM memory", which is fres because "RAM" "random-access memory" includes the initial of the word "memory". Sometimes, the initials continue to stand for an expanded meaning, but the original meaning is simply replaced.

dating online sites free fish download full movies hd

Dating online sites free fish download full movies hd examples:. A backronym or bacronym is посмотреть еще phrase that is constructed "after the fact" from здесь previously existing word. For example, the novelist and critic Anthony Burgess once proposed that the word "book" ought doownload stand for "box of organized knowledge".

Backronyms are oftentimes used to comedic effect [ citation needed ]. An example of creating a backronym for comedic effect would be in naming a group or organization, datkng name "A. M" stands for among other things "a clever regiment of nerdy young men". Acronyms are sometimes contrivedthat is, deliberately designed to be especially apt for the thing being flul by having a dual dxting or dating online sites free fish download full movies hd borrowing the positive connotations of an existing downlkad.

The short-form names of clinical trials and other scientific studies constitute a large class of acronyms that includes many contrived examples, as well as many with a partial rather than complete correspondence of letters to expansion components. These trials tend to have full names that are accurately descriptive of what the trial is about but are thus also too long to serve practically as names within the syntax of a sentence, so a short name is also developed, which can serve as a syntactically useful handle and also provide at least a degree of mnemonic reminder as to the full name.

Assessment of Reduction in Mortality and Morbidity. It is useful for the short downooad to give a reminder of the long name, which supports the reasonable censure of "cutesy" examples that provide little to no hint of it. However, other reasonable critiques have been 1 that it is irresponsible to mention trial acronyms without explaining them at least once cull providing the long names somewhere in the document, [79] and 2 that the proliferation of trial acronyms has resulted in ambiguity, such as 3 different trials all called ASPECT, which is another reason why failing to explain them somewhere in the document is irresponsible in scientific communication.

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Some acronyms are sating deliberately to avoid a name considered undesirable: Two Irish Institutes of Technology Galway and Tralee chose different acronyms from other institutes when they were upgraded from Regional Technical посмотреть еще. A macronymor nested acronymis an acronym in which one or more letters stand for acronyms themselves.

dating online sites free fish download full movies hd

The word "macronym" is a portmanteau of " macro- " and "acronym". Some macronyms can be multiply nested: Dating online sites free fish download full movies hd an informal competition run by the magazine New Scientista fully documented specimen was discovered that may be the most deeply nested of all: However, to say that "RARS" stands directly for that string of words, or can be interchanged with it in syntax in the same way that "CHF" can be usefully interchanged with "congestive heart failure"is a prescriptive misapprehension rather than a linguistically accurate description; the true nature of such a term is closer to anacronymic than to being interchangeable like simpler acronyms are.

The latter are fully reducible in an attempt to "spell everything out flirting with forty watch online game online 2017 printable avoid all abbreviations," but the former are irreducible in that respect; they can be annotated with parenthetical explanations, but they cannot be eliminated from speech or writing in any useful or practical way.

Just as flirting games videos games play words laser and radar function as words in syntax and cognition without a need to focus on their acronymic origins, terms such as "RARS" and " CHA2DS2—VASc score " are irreducible in natural language ; if they are purged, the form of language that is left may conform to some imposed rule, but it cannot be described as remaining natural.

Similarly, protein and gene nomenclature, which uses symbols extensivelyincludes such terms as the name of dating online sites free fish download full movies hd NACHT protein domainwhich reflects the symbols of some proteins that contain the domain—NAIP NLR family apoptosis inhibitor proteinC2TA major histocompatibility complex class II transcription activatorHET-E incompatibility locus protein from Podospora anserineand TP1 telomerase-associated protein —but is not syntactically reducible to them.

The name is thus itself more symbol than acronym, and its expansion cannot replace it while preserving its function in natural syntax as a name within a clause clearly parsable by human readers or listeners. A special type of macronym, the recursive acronymhas letters whose expansion refers back to the macronym itself. In English language discussions of languages with syllabic or logographic writing systems such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean"acronyms" describe the short forms that take selected characters from a multi-character word.

In some cases, however, other characters than the first can be selected. There are also cases where some longer phrases are abbreviated drastically, especially in Chinese politics, where proper nouns were initially translated from Soviet Leninist terms. In describing such abbreviations, the term initialism is inapplicable.

Many proper nouns become shorter and shorter over time. Other schools use a Koreanized version of their English acronym. The Japanese language makes extensive use of abbreviations, but only some of these are acronyms. Non-Chinese foreign borrowings gairaigo are instead frequently abbreviated as clipped compoundsrather than acronyms, using several initial sounds.

This is visible in katakana transcriptions of foreign words, but is also found with native words written in hiragana. To a greater degree than English does, German tends toward acronyms that use initial syllables rather than initial single letters, although it uses many of the latter type flirting memes gone wrong video girl lyrics full well. Examples keep in mind Hebrew reads right-to-left: In inflected forms the abbreviation sign gershayim remains between the second-last and last letters of the non-inflected form of the acronym e.

There is also a widespread use of acronyms in Indonesia in every aspect of social life. For example, the Golkar political party stands for "Partai Golongan Karya", Monas stands for "Monumen Nasional" National Monumentthe Angkot public transport stands for "Angkutan Kota" city public transportationwarnet stands for "warung internet" internet cafeand many others.

Some acronyms are considered formal or officially adoptedwhile many more are considered informal, slang or colloquial. Many highways are also named by the acronym method; e. In some languages, especially those that use certain alphabetsmany acronyms come from the governmental use, particularly in the military and law enforcement services. Acronyms that use parts of words not necessarily syllables are commonplace in Russian as well, e.

Газпром Gazpromfor Газовая промышленность Gazovaya promyshlennost"gas industry". There are also initialisms, such as СМИ SMIfor средства массовой информации sredstva massovoy informatsii"means of mass informing", i. Multiple initial letters often the initial syllable of words are often drawn together, as seen more in some languages than others. In Vietnamesewhich has an abundance of compound words, are very commonly used for both proper and common nouns.

Examples include TP. Long initialisms have become widespread in legal contexts in Vietnam. Each letter in an initialism corresponds to one morpheme —that is, one syllable. Initialisms are purely a written convenience, being pronounced the same way as their expansions. As the names of many Dating online sites free fish download full movies hd letters are disyllabic, it would be less convenient to pronounce an initialism by its individual letters.

Acronyms ссылка на страницу as words are rare in Vietnamese, occurring when an acronym itself is borrowed from another language.

As in Chinesemany compound words can be shortened to the first syllable when forming a longer word. I believe there are numerous more enjoyable instances up front for folks who check out your website.

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