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I was certain this would do the trick. But being a mom, and now, being a mom heavily medicated thanks to my own broken booty issues, I turned over plumbing duties to the man in the house, John.

What in the world did your son do in here? I think I read that maybe if you put some petroleum jelly on the end of the plunger, it might work better. Did you really crap out coal? The basement is now flooding from the toilet. I want to sell the house. This may go down in history as the most expensive crap ever. Kind of. I always envisioned that my little Jack would simply be called Jack.

Not Bubba. Not Jack O. Or Jack-O. Or heaven help us, Jacko. But now, I must say, that Jackass has a whole new meaning in my world, making Wack-o Jack-o a moniker that I flirting with forty watch online full game full episode even warm up to.

Sunday, January 18, The Broken Booty. I will admit up front that after discussing the morning activities, Dave and I decided that it would be in the best interest of all involved if Max did not go to fetch Daisy the Wonder Dog. After all, this is the4-year old kid who beat up the school security guard, prompting a mandatory meeting with the school administration and just about every social service organization imaginable.

We may flirting with forty watch online full game full episode to rethink the adoption. Got it? I can take you down. Game on, girlfriend. Now Dave got some fancy, weird looking leash that had a handle by the collar, as well as the end of the leash. Needless to say, walking half twisted with a pound puppy was a challenge for someone as non-athletic as me. Flirting memes wrong video youtube videos think I pulled a muscle.

flirting with forty watch online full game full episode

And by the way, what is up with the leash? Clearly, it sounds like she was walking you, not you walking her. After settling in, Dave took the kids out to his folks house leaving me alone with Flirting with forty watch online full game full episode. We have 15 acres in Michigan, and I was going flirting with forty watch online full game full episode search out every nook and cranny of the property with Daisy, putting to rest, any questions of who was in charge.

I would like to think that Daisy did this simply out of sympathy and concern for her owner that has treats in her pocket, but truth be told, she probably came and sat next to simply to rub in my face that in the battle взято отсюда Su vs.

Canine, Daisy is clearly winning. You need to walk her, посмотреть больше vice versa. The battle is clearly on. We made our way back to Chicago with no further incidents.

I was looking forward to our traditional Kenmore-street progressive NYE party, where past and current Kenmore residents get drunk from one house to the next without any concerns of driving. Dinner was at our house, and Daisy the Wonder Dog charmed all the neighbors. I kept one eye on Daisy, and one eye on my glass of wine. At Whaddya going to do about that, girlfriend? Where is Dave? She really is trying to kill me. How many freaking steps are there — did Jill dig her basement out an additional eight feet?

I think I need to go home and take some Tylenol.

I broke my hand last Christmas falling down the stairs. I woke up on the 1st of January with a pain-in-the-ass, slightly filrting over, stupor. I can barely walk.

flirting with forty watch online full game full episode

Did you fall or something? And frankly, even if it was something, there is nothing anyone can do. Tough it out. I toughed it out for the day, and then finally on the 2nd tried calling my doctor. I will muster on, and yet one more day passes without any посетить страницу источник help.

On Saturday, the 3rd, having taken just about enough of the pain, and the sideway glances from Daisy the Wonder Dog, I finally talked to the on-call doctor.

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