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Published on Aug 9, in the Bristol Herald Courrier. AP — A northern Indiana man has been sentenced to three years in prison for having sex with women and not telling sitees he was HIV-positive. Online court and prison records show Spoor is awaiting trial profesxionals the same charge in Marshall County and has been convicted of the same offence in Kosciusko County. Court records show several women have told police similar stories about meeting Aith online and engaging in sexual relationships with him, not knowing of his HIV status.

Published on July 20, in the News Sentinel. A man awaiting sentencing for having unprotected sex with three Allen County women without informing them of his HIV-positive status beforehand has been charged with the same crime against another Allen County woman. Travis R. Spoor, 37, was charged Thursday in Allen Superior Court with one count of malicious mischief, a Level 6 felony, according prfoessionals court records.

Spoor, who has listed addresses in Silver Lake and in the block wirh Belfast Drive here locally, allegedly had unprotected sex an Allen County woman from April 27, to July 4, without Spoor telling her he was HIV-positive, according to a probable-cause affidavit.

She said she met Spoor dating sites for professionals with hiv test results 2016 the dating website OKCupid. He allegedly used the name Travis Holderman, and she did a criminal background check datin that name. When nothing showed up, she said she never thought again about it, the affidavit said. The woman said they had about 10 dates between April 27, and May 11, and allegedly had unprotected profesxionals five to six times.

She said they resumed their relationship June 15, to July 4,dating sites for professionals with hiv test results 2016 having unprotected sex another five to six times, the affidavit said.

Spoor also signed on Oct. Spoor is awaiting an Aug. Travis Spoor was charged professionls three counts of malicious mischief. He plead guilty to all three counts. According to court documents, he was dating multiple women between and now.

All of those women say they saw him taking medication but he never said it was for HIV. The only thing the defense team could do was to enter a plea deal. Kolbe says Dating sites for professionals with hiv test results 2016 had to accept full responsibility for his actions. Kolbe also represents him in the case against him in Marshall County.

dating sites for professionals with hiv test results 2016

Published in The Journal Gazette on June 29, Spoor, 37, made contact with his victims on dating websites, although he met one in late or early through a mutual friend. They then encountered each other again on a dating website, according to court documents. The plea agreement calls for Spoor to be sentenced to one year on each of three counts of malicious mischief, to be served consecutively, for a total of three years. InSpoor signed a duty-to-warn document in accordance with Indiana law that says people with dangerous communicable diseases have an obligation to warn others they might put at risk.

One woman told police she had consensual sex привожу ссылку Spoor at his Fort Wayne home and professionalls her out of county home through February tor she saw a photo of Spoor with his twst on a social witu website.

She adamantly denied that Spoor ever revealed he was infected with the HIV virus. A second woman contacted Indiana State Police in Bremen saying her ex-boyfriend, Spoor, had been arrested on a charge of malicious mischief. She said she met him nearly three years ago via a social networking site.

They dated for three months and had unprotected sex at his residence in Fort Wayne and at her home in Wabash, she said. Then dating sites for professionals with hiv test results 2016 broke up with him when he told her that his ex-wife had moved in with him, according to court 22016. She went to Planned Reslts to check her health. A third woman dating sites for professionals with hiv test results 2016 contacted Indiana State Police in Bremen saying that her ex-boyfriend, Spoor, had been arrested on a charge of malicious mischief.

She said she met Spoor at the end of on a dating site and in October went to Fort Wayne to have consensual unprotected sex. Their relationship ended soon because Spoor was ignoring her phone calls, she said. Published in the South Bend Tribune on March 14, An affidavit was filed Tuesday in Kosciusko Superior Court indicating that Travis Spoor, 37, allegedly had sex on multiple occasions with a woman that he met on the dating site Match. Police say that Spoor told the woman that his name was Ray Hildeman.

The two spoke over the phone for about two weeks before meeting in person. The woman told flr that the man she knew as Ray Hildeman then came to her house on March 5, and spent a week there and that they had unprotected sexual intercourse three times.

The woman told police that he left Sunday after she told him that her children were coming home. Spoor admitted to police on March 13 that he used an alias on the dating site and that ofr had had a relationship with the dating sites for professionals with hiv test results 2016 and that вот ссылка two had unprotected sex and that he did not inform her of his HIV status.

Spoor, who lives fpr southern Kosciusko County, already is facing felony charges in Marshall County for allegedly failing to rest sex gesults he was HIV positive. He also is facing additional charges in Kosciusko and Allen counties for similar behavior.

The charges stem from relationships peofessionals back to at least In court documents, prosecutors alleged Spoor knew he was Dating sites for professionals with hiv test results 2016 since Spoor signed a document on Jan. Spoor also signed a post-test counseling form from gor Indiana Department of Health that prohibited him from having sexual intercourse if he did not sits inform his partners of his HIV positive status. Published on January 30, Weintraub is warning of possible health risks following the arrest of a Yardley man for prostituting himself while knowing he had HIV.

X, 57, who resides in Yardley, was arraigned Wednesday on felony charges including prostitution, possession with intent to deliver methamphetamine and criminal use of a communication facility. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. By continuing to use our site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

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News from other sources. USA Resources. The PJP Update: February PJP Update: February February 8, The changes to MCL Creating a misdemeanor based on whether or not someone has access to a physician and care regimen or is ever able to achieve undetectable status is concerning, particularly given what we know about race, class, and gender disparities in access to care. State Advocacy Working Groups Most узнать больше здесь are not currently in legislative session but state advocates continue to meet and strategize around HIV criminal law reform.

India Alleged exposure. Singapore Articles Discrimination Punitive laws dating sites for professionals with hiv test results 2016 policies. Travel and long-stay restrictions for foreign nationals with HIV have no logical basis and have been deemed a human rights violation by the United Nations Visa restrictions for HIV—positive immigrants still in place in dozens of countries February 7, Belarus Punitive laws and policies.

In89 crimes under this article were registered in the region.

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For example, a criminal case was initiated in Mazyr against a year-old girl. A minor, knowing that she is a carrier of the virus, repeatedly entered into an intimate relationship источник статьи no means of protection with a year-old young man. For knowingly putting him in danger of being infected with HIV by a court of the Mozyr District, the minor is sentenced to 6 months in prison with a 1-year delay in the execution of the sentence.

A criminal case was filed with the Svetlogorsk district court against a year-old resident of Svetlogorsk, who was at risk of contracting HIV to his wife, and also infected a minor friend. Sweden Dating sites for professionals with hiv test results 2016. Qualitative study shows inconsistencies in information given to people living with HIV pertaining to undetectability, condom use and disclosure obligations Navigating rules dating sites for professionals with hiv test results 2016 reality: HIV disclosure, infectiousness and legal obligations in Sweden February 6, Published in aidsmap on February 6, Navigating rules and reality: The study The main aim of this qualitative research was to explore experiences and perceptions regarding testt, infectiousness, undetectability, obligations and how this information was communicated to them.

Supportive clinics and clinicians Many participants expressed that clinics were safe, supportive spaces and that they had a positive relationship with clinicians, especially nurses. Finding ways to relate to different rules While mandatory disclosure to sexual partners and condom use were topics that all participants had discussed with their doctors at the time of diagnosis, the manner in which the rules of conduct were received, and their impact, differed among participants.

Really bad. Inconsistent information leads to frustration Participants expressed frustration at receiving inconsistent information at clinics. Conclusion This study highlights the importance of clear communication between healthcare providers and patients in a country where prosecution for HIV non-disclosure is still a possibility. Canada Articles Campaigns Law and policy reform.

The directive to limit prosecutions involving people who are on HIV treatment was issued in December but applies only to federal Crown attorneys in the three territories. Ontario had already amended its policies but in a limited way to no reesults prosecute people with a suppressed viral load and Elliott said Alberta has said in a letter to the network it has done wwith same but without stating that in a policy.

Canada Articles Discrimination Gender-based violence. Workshops find that HIV non-disclosure laws are little known amongst women living with HIV and contribute to social injustices HIV non—disclosure 20116 perpetuate social injustices against women in Canada February 5, sits Published in aidsmap on February 4th, HIV non-disclosure laws perpetuate social injustices against women in Canada Krishen Samuel.

Jump to Confusion and concerns regarding the law Social and legal injustice Sexual surveillance Vulnerability to violence Conclusion Reference. Analysis of the focus group discussions revealed the following themes: Confusion and concerns regarding the law Overall, the education sessions revealed that women were largely unfamiliar with and poorly-informed about laws pertaining to non-disclosure.

Social and legal injustice Women felt that the law perpetuates existing injustices in the lives of diagnosed HIV positive women. The women expressed that the law unjustly targets those who are diagnosed: Thus, HIV stigma was internalised, qith a result of the legal system depicting women as capable of inflicting serious harm on their partners: Sexual surveillance Participants expressed a sense that they were under surveillance by the criminal justice system when it came to their sex lives.

The lengths that women would have to go through to prove this innocence is reflected here: Vulnerability to violence Non-disclosure laws may place women at greater risk for violence. The troubling nature of this was gest in this quote: Many women had been threatened with charges for non-disclosure by disgruntled dating sites for professionals with hiv test results 2016 Conclusion The researchers conclude that for women living with HIV in Canada, non-disclosure laws can lead to unjust victimisation, perpetuating legal and social injustices.

CrossMark Language: Россия Source: EVA Language: United Nations Treaty Bodies: References to sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics Main theme: Human rights Year of Issue: ILGA Language: Таджикистан Source: ENG The HIV epidemic continues to grow in Tajikistan, especially tesh people who inject drugs, dating sites for professionals with hiv test results 2016 workers, men who have sex with men and incarcerated populations.

Эстония Source: Грузия Source: Professionally speaking: Читать Source: ECOM Language: Справочник по созданию и управлению эффективной некоммерческой организацией в России Main theme: Россия Language: Speaker Notes: IAS Language: Drug use and health behaviour among German men dating sites for professionals with hiv test results 2016 have sex with men: The Democrats who signed on to the measure are Reps.

The committee published its findings in Decemberand some of those recommendations became part of HB Cooper, Silcox and Rep. Houston Gaines are the group of Republicans who introduced a package of HIV legislation during the session.

It will return in Georgia is one of three-dozen states that criminalize a lack of HIV disclosure. For original article in Russian please scroll down. HIV as a crime. Mikhail Golichenko — about the case of Alexandra. The presence of such an article in the Criminal Code is dictated by the concern for the protection of public health. In theory. Of course, the organization of health care, including legal measures among which there are also methods of prohibition supported by criminal sanctions is an important prerogative of any state.

However, the usefulness of some other sitess prohibitions in terms of their role in health care is not entirely clear, but appears to have been chosen arbitrarily. Emotionally, this article in the Criminal Code can be explained: HIV infection is a chronic disease that can lead to death if not treated in time. Responsibility for HIV infection was included in the Soviet Criminal Code, but then it was only about infection due то, great dating tips and advice for women 2017 2018 dates мне violation of sanitary приведенная ссылка dating sites for professionals with hiv test results 2016 rules as, for example, in the case of mass hospitalization of children in Elista in All over the world this is called criminalization of HIV infection.

From a rational point of view, criminalization of HIV infection is a futile measure, as it does not help to prevent HIV infection. There are a lot of scientific studies that prove that criminalization of HIV from the point of view of disease prevention is flawed. Criminalization of HIV infection undermines efforts profdssionals involve citizens in testing; creates a false sense of security and the lack of need to protect their own health; and leads to violations of the rights of those living with HIV, as they become targets of stigmatization.

The main evidence is usually the acknowledgement of a person living with HIV that sex was without a condom. Convictions in such cases are rarely profesaionals, and convicts prefer to forget the shame of the trial as soon as possible. But sometimes there are people who feel that the very idea of criminal responsibility is unfair: Alexandra name changed grew up in an orphanage.

Not an ideal teenager, judging by the characteristics of an orphanage.

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At the age of 15 — the first marriage, a quick death of her husband, and already a widow. Around this time, Alexandra is diagnosed with HIV. She left the orphanage and tried to live on irregular earnings, including cleaning of apartments. Once Alexey hired her to clean the apartment, he is dating sites for professionals with hiv test results 2016 Alexey showed interest in Alexandra; when he found out that dating sites for professionals with hiv test results 2016 was an orphan, he offered her to stay with him.

Alexandra stayed with Alexei overnight. Alexei did not want to use a condom, and Alexandra was afraid to report her diagnosis openly, although she hinted at the danger of HIV infection. The relationship collapsed, and soon Alexei found out about the results of the tests. Although he did not have HIV himself, he reported it to the police.

She appealed the guilty verdict with the assignment of the mandatory works of Alexander up to the Supreme Court. In Januarythe Supreme Court sent her complaint back to the regional court, which dismissed the case for review by the court of first instance. Aleksandra is not a lawyer, not a human rights defender, but she feels that justice is on her side.

And here are the reasons. This intention is characteristic of a situation where a person not only understands that he or she may infect a partner, but also wishes to do so. That is, for example, when a person actively insists that sex should be without a condom. Alexandra did not do this. In a situation of equality, the partner may not be afraid to disclose his or her status or insist on using a condom. But Alexandra found herself in a position of dependence on Alexei because she lived in his apartment.

Aleksey was almost twice her age, had a lot more experience and was physically stronger. In other words, there is a lack of direct intent for criminal responsibility for putting Alexandra in danger of infection in her actions.

Social justice considerations require that the highest degree of social censure — criminal responsibility — be imposed on citizens only for the most negative acts. Murder, intentional harm to health — such acts undoubtedly require criminal liability. HIV infection is the infliction of serious harm to health, and intentional actions leading to it deserve приведенная ссылка criminal article.

However, there is no need to have a special article of the Criminal Code in which HIV infection would be identified as an independent characteristic.

There are general compositions of crimes related to causing harm to health.

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The existence of a special composition specifically against HIV infection is a legislative reflection of the special, legal stigma attached to people living with HIV, and this does not comply with the principle of social justice. The probability of HIV transmission during unprotected sex from woman to man is less than one tenth of a percent. As such, sex without a condom in general not so dangerous in terms of HIV transmission as to make it a criminal offence.

dating sites for professionals with hiv test results 2016

It is important that dating sites for professionals with hiv test results 2016 is a clear, direct intent without proof of which prosecuting a person for sex with an HIV-positive partner without a condom can be compared to prosecuting a person who holds a knife in close proximity to another.

Condom use is one of the most effective ways to protect people from HIV during sexual intercourse. Condom use is a matter of everyone taking care of their own health. People should здесь this, and everyone should understand it, regardless of their HIV status.

The existence of a specific crime for endangering people without HIV creates a false sense of security, when failure to inform the partner about your positive status essentially means that you can not use a condom. In this way, the basis for an effective method of protecting the population from HIV is undermined, i. When she complains about her sentence, Alexandra fights for the health of the population, not just for herself.

Aleksandra may again have to appeal the sentence to the Supreme Court, hoping to restore justice for people living with HIV. Наличие такой статьи в Уголовном кодексе продиктовано заботой об охране здоровья населения. В теории. Конечно, организация охраны здоровья, включая меры правового характера среди которых присутствуют и способы запрета, подкрепленные уголовными санкциями— важная прерогатива любого государства.

Под уголовным запретом совершенно обоснованно находятся такие, например, действия, как обращение фальсифицированных лекарственных средств — здесь цель охраны здоровья имеет прямую логическую связь с методом правового регулирования, уголовным преследованием. Однако польза некоторых других уголовных запретов с точки зрения их роли в здравоохранении не dating sites for professionals with hiv test results 2016 очевидна, они избраны, dating sites for professionals with hiv test results 2016 представляется, произвольно.

С эмоциональной точки зрения появление такой статьи в Уголовном кодексе можно объяснить: ВИЧ-инфекция является хроническим заболеванием, которое при отсутствии своевременного лечения может привести к смерти.

В году в Уголовном кодексе Российской Федерации появился перечень новых составов преступления для людей, живущих с ВИЧ: Ответственность за здоровье других людей стали возлагать на ВИЧ-инфицированных, поставив их в ситуацию постоянного риска уголовной ответственности в связи с хроническим состоянием здоровья.

Во всём мире это называется криминализация ВИЧ-инфекции. В большинстве случаев речь идет о делах, возникающих из отношений партнеров, когда один из партнеров внезапно узнает о ВИЧ-статусе другого и по тем или иным причинам часто из мести обращается с заявлением о возбуждении уголовного дела. Главным доказательством является, как правило, признание человека, живущего с ВИЧ, о том, что секс был без презерватива. Обвинительные приговоры по таким делам редко обжалуют, осуждённые предпочитают поскорее забыть позор процесса.

Но иногда встречаются люди, которые чувствуют несправедливость самой идеи уголовной ответственности: Александра имя изменено выросла в детдоме.

Не идеальный подросток, судя по характеристикам из детского дома. В 15 лет — первый брак, быстрая смерть мужа, и уже вдова.

Примерно в это время у Александры диагностируют ВИЧ. Она покинула детский дом и пыталась прожить на непостоянные заработки, в том числе занимаясь уборкой квартир. Однажды её для уборки квартиры нанял Алексей, ему уже за Алексей проявил к Александре интерес; узнав, что она сирота, предложил пожить у.

Александра осталась у Алексея на ночь. Алексей не хотел использовать презерватив, а Александра боялась сообщить о своём диагнозе открыто, хотя и намекала на опасность ВИЧ-инфекции.

В какой-то момент у Алексея начали возникать подозрения, и он настоял на том, чтобы Александра сдала анализы на ВИЧ.

dating sites for professionals with hiv test results 2016

Отношения развалились, вскоре Алексей узнал о результатах анализов. Хотя у него самого ВИЧ выявлен не был, он обратился в полицию с заявлением. Обвинительный приговор с назначением обязательных работ Александра обжаловала вплоть до Верховного суда.Menu HIV. GOV Search Search. Locator Search Search.

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Learn more about this observance. Share Toggle share menu Facebook Twitter Email. Learn about HIV: Living with HIV? Find out about treatment, getting connected to HIV жмите сюда, and the steps you can take to stay healthy. Go to HIV Basics. Find out what the U. The Awful Rise of Ghosting". Self-presentation processes in the online dating environment".

dating sites for professionals with hiv test results 2016

Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication. The New York Times. Psychological Science in the Public Interest.

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The Guardian. Retrieved 16 February Online dating complaints made to the FTC". Retrieved 21 November Retrieved November 18, Jon Millward. Journal of Dating sites for professionals with hiv test results 2016 and the Family. Wall Street Journal — Eastern Edition. Retrieved 31 Https:// The Sociological Quarterly.

Social Forces. Social Science Research. Dallas Business Journal. Mello Jr. Slate Magazine. TC Attorney. Herpes Dating. Aaron Kelly law firm. The Daily Dot. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. CBC News. US Federal Trade Commission. Bloomberg Businessweek. Bloomberg L. Retrieved July 10, The Verge. Vox Media. Retrieved December 19, Daily Mail. Retrieved 18 September Department of Homeland Security.

Trafficking And the Global Sex Industry. Romance on a Global Stage: Retrieved 9 December Social networking services. Kickstart Yahoo! Mash Yahoo! Meme Yik Yak. Ning Wall. Social network analysis software Diaspora software Web 2. Social network advertising Social network hosting service Online dating service comparison Mobile.

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