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На Элизабет Беннет, гордой, неприступной девушке, умной, начитанной и глубоко чувствующей. Несколько экранизаций, два сериала и армия поклонников по всему миру навеки вписали роман "Гордость и в летопись лучших историй о любви, побеждающей любые преграды.

Get A Copy. Hardcoverpages. Published goodreade АСТ first published January 28th More Details Original Title. BennetMrs. GardinerMrs. William Collins England Hertfordshire, England Derbyshire, England. Other Editions Friend Reviews.

Flirting quotes goodreads books reviews ratings chart see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To cgart other readers questions about Гордость и предубеждение flirting quotes goodreads books reviews ratings chart, please sign up. How do I understand the language in Reviesw and Prejudice? Can flirting quotes goodreads books reviews ratings chart please help me out!

Thomas Do you have a phone, Kindle, tablet, or anything that can read eBooks? I would recommend reading Pride and Prejudice as an eBook, because most …more Do you f,irting a phone, Kindle, geviews, or anything that can read eBooks? I think that being able to look up words and tlirting immediately helped me to enjoy Pride and Prejudice and understand it well, unlike most of my classmates, who ended up hating it because they were frustrated with the writing.

As weird as this method sounds, it really worked and for me, has made reading classics fun rather than a chore. Pride and Prejudice is legally free to download as an eBook, so why not give it a try? Can anyone please recommend other satires or comedies of manner?

See goodrwads 99 questions about Гордость и предубеждение…. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. You see, I decided I wanted to get more literated by reading the "classicals" in between my steady flow of science fiction, mystery and horror. The question was where to begin. It also made me made retrospectively pleased that I named my youngest daughter Sydney.

One, I thought it might be a bit too romantical for me.

flirting quotes goodreads books reviews ratings chart

The second, and much more distressing, reason was that Twilight was on many of the same lists as this book. Austen fans should pull a nutty over that one. So needless to say I went into this thinking I might hate it. I was wrong!!! Flirting quotes goodreads books reviews ratings chart absolutely loved this book and had a mammoth, raging heart-on for it from the opening scene at the breakfast table when Father Flirting quotes goodreads books reviews ratings chart Mr.

Bennet is giving sly sarcasm to Mrs. Mommie Put Upon. Revisws literaphorically could not get enough of this story. I was instantly captivated by the characters and Elizabeth Bennet, the main protagonist, immediately became one of my all time favorite characters.

Darcy joined that party as soon as he showed up in the narrative as I больше информации he was terrific as well. Overall, the writing could not have been better. It was descriptive, источник статьи and brilliant.

The story could not have been more engaging or intelligent and the characters could not have been more magnificentastic. Elizabeth and Fitz are both smart, witty, self-confident and good. Austen could not have written them better. Oh, and I am sorry if this is a bit of a minor spoiler but I need to add that George Wickham is a cock-blocking braggadouche of startling proportions. I needed to say that and приведу ссылку I feel better.

This one has made it onto my list of All Time Favorite novels and is truly one of the classics that lives up to its billing. Guys, do not fear the Austen View all comments. Daphyne Shimeall Hooray!!!!! Hai Quan Thank you for your great review Apr 30, Anyone who is unafraid to be seen reading this flirting quotes goodreads books reviews ratings chart the subway.

Up until about page one hundred I found this book vexing, frivolous and down right tedious. I now count myself as a convert to the Austen cult. I must confess I have been known to express an antipathy for anything written or set before I just cannot get down with corsets, ratijgs plumbing and buggy rides.

Whenever someone dips a quill into an inkwell my eyes glaze over. This is a I readily "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen started off annoying me and ended up enchanting me. This is a shortcoming I readily own up to but have no desire to correct.

So I admit to not starting this qoutes with the highest revoews hopes. Boy did I hate him at first. To get anywhere ссылка на страницу this book one has to immerse oneself in the realities of flirting quotes goodreads books reviews ratings chart and marriage in the nineteenth century.

At first all this talk of entailment and manners just left chaft cold. I liked the language to be sure. A hundred pages or so in though I started to see what a shrewd eye for character this Austen woman had.

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Collins was the first qultes I marvelled at. His character springs forth fully formed as a total but somehow loveable ass. Qiotes that point on I found much to love about this book. I was so into it by the end that I was laughing at some characters, sympathizing with others and clucking my tongue at an unhappy few.

In short I was completely absorbed. View all 57 comments. Mindless Austen-adoring idiots. The review you are about to read was written in I was 17 and thought I was the smartest person ever! In all honesty I barely remember this book. So, negative comments основываясь на этих данных my intelligence flirting quotes goodreads books reviews ratings chart no longer necessary.

They will be ignored. As they have been for probably 6 years now. Can we all just LOL at my use of the words "mind-numbing balls"?? This book is quite possibly the ratinsg insipid novel I have ever нажмите чтобы увидеть больше in my life.

Why th NOTE: Why this book is so highly treasured quoes society is beyond me. It is pages of nothing. The story really probably could have been told in about 8 pages, but Austen makes us slog through pages of mind-numbing balls and dinner-parties.

This is a snore. Flirting pranks gone my review of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Where my massive crush on Jane Austen began: I had to read it for AP English and I could not see the point. Girls need to marry. Girls are sad. Girls взято отсюда married.

Girls are happy. I went to school to half heartedly discuss it and waffled and wavered in an effort to please my teacher. Finally she said: So flirting quotes goodreads books reviews ratings chart You got a problem with that? Do you? View all 29 comments. I finally did it!!!! And I loved it!!!! View all 17 comments. I was forced to read this by my future wife. I was not, however, forced to give it 5 stars. View all 28 comments.

View all 58 узнать больше здесь. To summarize: Every time I reread this novel, I love it more. The flirting quotes goodreads books reviews ratings chartthe high societythe witty banter. I just adore it all. Jane goodreadds the beautiful one, Mary To summarize: Now, back in the day Bennet their mother has taken this flirting quotes goodreads books reviews ratings chart completely to heart that she thinks of nothing else.

After all, It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife. Bingley and Mr. Darcy moved into town and immediately Mrs. Bennett set her dasterdly plans in motion on behalf of her mortified children.

She will do whatever necessary to get a rich man нажмите чтобы перейти put a ring on it oh Beyonce, your words are applicable in any century. Only, there is a snag in her otherwise flawless plans. Elizabeth is not going to roll over to whatever man is thrust her way. I could easily forgive his pride, if he had not mortified mine.

Truly a great read, no matter the century.

flirting quotes goodreads books reviews ratings chart

Plus Jane Austen is totally my soul sister. I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading! Милая, немного странная, flirting quotes goodreads books reviews ratings chart все же милая книга. Героиня довольно неплохая, забавная. Ее дружба о старушками из дома престарелых мне непонятна наверное, автор Сначала из-за аннотации не хотела читать, многое отталкивало.

Ее дружба о старушками из дома престарелых мне непонятна наверное, автор сам никогда со старушками не общался или ему очень везло, для меня сейчас это актуально, и это крайне тяжелоно было забавно почитать. А уж романтика в мусорном баке никого не оставит равнодушным. Смешно, забавно, мило. Readers Also Enjoyed. Young Adult. Realistic Fiction. About Flirting quotes goodreads books reviews ratings chart Walker. Kristin Walker. In addition to being an actor, Kristin worked at many things on her way to becoming an author.

She was a lifeguard, a nanny, a beginning ballroom dance instructor, a library circulation clerk, and very nearly a nurse. Kristin lives in a Philadelphia suburb with her husband and three sons. Books by Kristin Walker. Trivia About 7 Clues to Winnin Ignifex POV: The beginning is quite promising.

Sounds yummy! Arcadia is a Greek land which is cut from the rest of the world with flirting quotes goodreads books reviews ratings chart weird Parchment Dome. Locals bargain with him, despite potential consequences. Nyx father knows it firsthand. But he has a plan! Of course, Nyx will be dead, but who cares? Obviously, not Daddy. He has a whole army of shadows which could eat you alive or drive you mad. Soon our MC discovers that Gentle Lord is also a Handsome Lord, his home literally has no читать статью, there are everything you would wish for: BTW, you might think that an empty house with a lone owner has no place for a love-triangle.

Guess what? Our MC grows feeling for this 3d-thing. To make your misery worse, out girl would whining, and bitching, and whining again: I have to flirting quotes goodreads books reviews ratings chart the world, but screw it. The story was all about Nyx waking up, eating, walking between rooms, having trouble, kissing and flirting with Shade, kissing and flirting with Gentle Lord, falling asleep, waking up And the plot was predictable Also, some parts of the book seemed incomplete or lacked logical ties.

Still there were some moments I had enjoyed. The Gentle Lord himself dark, snarky, sexy. The writing which was lyrical and poetic. Cruel Beauty Universe Вселенная жестокой красоты: Sign into Goodreads to see if any of your friends have read Cruel Beauty. Reading Progress. June 25, —. Потом несколько лет спустя перечитала за несколько часов в читальном зале. А записная книжка с выписками у меня даже.

Я забыла, как писались советские книжки пусть это только переводнемного странно. А всё, что касается непосредственно языков, я, как оказалось, не смотрите подробнее помню, а просто-так Закончила How to Learn Any Language, и сразу захотелось перечитать ещё в школе читаную Като Flirting quotes goodreads books reviews ratings chart. А всё, что касается непосредственно языков, я, как оказалось, не просто помню, а просто-таки наизусть.

Книжка из тех, в которые влюбляешься, и даже если теперь что-то кажется наивным или очевидным, всё равно это любовь. Счастлива, что она когда-то так вовремя попала в мою жизнь. Feb 27, Jack rated it liked it.

The book is a bit unorganized, but it was an easy, light read, especially because I приведу ссылку the concluding chapters about language careers. I learned and, unfortunately, mostly forgot a second language may years ago, and I know that several of her techniques worked well for me.

I am currently applying them in my quest to learn a new language. A few that stand out: Accompany each word with logical synonyms and antonyms, as well as a few related words. Compare learning phrases and sentences vs learning a word by itself to taking a picture of a rose vs. The book was written well before the advent of the rich resources available online.

I disagree. The easy availability of the tools of language learning has certainly increased dramatically. Videos and podcasts in a target language certainly make learning and conversing easier than trying to round up filmstrips and cassettes or searching on a shortwave radio as we did prior to And I can go online and read news and magazines and stories in any language I choose. But the fundamentals have not changed.

There is a stark difference between how books about language learning are written today, and books a few decades ago. A distinct lack of the word "science" aside for now, the organization of the material itself is very different.

The entire chapter needs to be read in order to grasp the main point. If there even is one. Though I tend not to skim books, preferrin There is flirting quotes goodreads books reviews ratings chart stark difference between how books about language learning are written today, and books a few decades ago. Though I tend not flirting quotes goodreads books reviews ratings chart skim books, preferring to savour them, skimmers beware, this book is not for you.

With all of that said, there are two concepts in this book that are worth taking away: Stop worrying about minutiae. Given what we know about the brain today, this is solid advice.

Books by Hailey Abbott (Author of Summer Boys)

No problem. This point in particular is something that makes sense, and something that would make learning more interesting, and fun. Aug 25, Nikolina rated it it was ok. I had pretty high expectations for this book, so I can blame that for flirting quotes goodreads books reviews ratings chart a bad rating.

I expected it flirting quotes goodreads books reviews ratings chart help with learning languages, to give some real посетить страницу and really motivate you. But it failed, hard. First of all, the title is irrelevant.

It suggests that she is here to help you learn the language and make you better in that field, but it gives very few ideas. It would be fine if it was titled as "Life of a polyglot" or something like that because the book is crammed with random stories from I had pretty high expectations for this book, so I can blame that flirting quotes goodreads books reviews ratings chart such a bad rating. It would be fine if it was titled as "Life of a polyglot" or something like that because the book is crammed with flirting quotes goodreads books reviews ratings chart stories from посетить страницу источник life.

I have nothing against a good story, but they were so random and irrelevant to the topic. Maybe if were systematically organized it would all make more sense.

May 20, Sam rated it liked it. This book had a lot of insight, but it felt very scattered and repetitive at some points. Flirting quotes goodreads books reviews ratings chart only that, but some claims particularly about men and women I feel should be backed up by research and not just by anecdotes.

Idk, that might just be me. Also I found this amusing: View 2 comments. While her comments about cbart seem all right, it is of course very difficult to judge whether she was a decent interpreter. Lots and lots of unnecessary details as well, and, most importantly, almost all ways of learning a foreign language now, more than forty years later, are completely different all such things were different in a world with no Internet.

There are a couple of funny stories, though especially the one about читать далее ornithologist lecturer and the student who interprets him: Feb 22, Marina Ponomaryova rated it it was amazing. Feb quotex, Julie rated it really liked it Shelves: The author talks about her journey, how she fell into languages and happily stayed there, sharing numerous anecdotes along the way.

She touches on some theoretical aspects of language flkrting, bursting a few myths along the way like being too quotes to love lyrics youtube free or not having a gift for itbreaking the recipe for success down to a simple equation: Later in the book she talks about more practical aspects of language learning such as vocabulary building or conversations, though the most interesting chapter for goodreadss was when she details her own learning style: Nowadays there is a lot of emphasis on apps free trial results list and it is refreshing to read about an approach with such a strong нажмите сюда on spending a lot of time immersed in books.

Jan 04, Ecaterina Burton rated it liked it. The book was written in the s, but many of her observations about language learning are not only still relevant and true, but they have also been validated by current feviews on the brain, learning and memory. Her strategy: Pick a book in the genre or topic you love and try to puzzle it out as you go. She believes you learn grammar from language, best online format vice versa.

She believes memorizing words in isolation is inefficient and prone to failure, something that has been validated by research. All in all, an inspiring read for aspiring polyglots.


The Girl from Everywhere Book Review

Another bonus: May 06, teav with luv rated it liked it Shelves: I found is extremely interesting, because I love hearing about the languages other people can speak, and I felt validated, because Qhotes use much of the same bkoks, I agree with a lot of the advice given out. Do I feel like I was left with a mind-boggling recipe for learning languages? No, but I have admiration and ссылка на продолжение for Lomb, and maybe just the tiniest bit more motivation on my own.

I also think my own professors would rage in distress reading this. Mar 13, Dorotea rated it liked it. Feb 15, Trice rated flirting quotes goodreads books reviews ratings chart really liked it Shelves: I do think it will be helpful in thinking about language learning from a different angle.

It would also be a great supplement for the serious language student studying in the classroom. Я тут, оказывается, добралась до основ. Книгу мне буквально вручили, и это хорошо, потому что иначе я бы не скоро до нее добралась — список желанной литературы flirting quotes goodreads books reviews ratings chart и никогда не уменьшается. Славное издательство МИФ переиздало книгу, написанную в году. Все время, пока я ее читала, меня не отпускала одна мысль: Почему на инязах она не идет номером один в списке для прочтения для первокурсниках?

У нас о подобной литературе даже qutes упоминали, а жаль, потому что она бы несомненно flirting quotes goodreads books reviews ratings chart н Я тут, оказывается, добралась до основ. У нас о подобной литературе даже не упоминали, а жаль, потому что она бы несомненно сэкономила новоиспеченным студентам очень много времени и сил. Я читала книгу вечерами и легко справилась с ней за 4 дня, и, хотя до многих описанных flirting quotes goodreads books reviews ratings chart ней приемов и хитростей я дошла сама, а некоторые уже устарели, знакомится с опытом человека, выучившего 16 языков, невероятно интересно.

Като Ломб не стесняется упоминать о своих ошибках и трудностях и не возносит себя на пьедестал. Несмотря на то, что у меня уже накопился свой набор приемов и хитростей, я нашла для себя кое-что новое в разделах про слова и лексику и собираюсь опробовать.

Однако главное, что мне goorreads эта книга — это вдохновение. Последние две недели я стала заниматься своим французским как-то медленно и расслабленно, но чужая история подействовала волшебно и вот уже три дня я занимаюсь сколько положено и вернулась к подготовке к экзамену.

И, пожалуй, я хочу еще книг про изучение языков. English title: The author recommends reading in flirting quotes goodreads books reviews ratings chart language English title: The author recommends reading in the language you would like to acquire from the beginning.

The techniques introduced in the book are nothing new, so I gave just three stars, but I was reassured because those are what I have been doing for many years. Aug 05, Masar rated it really liked it Shelves: Although this продолжение здесь contains a few ideas and best practices on how to learn a foreign language, it should be very entertaining and enriching for any language learner as it contains various thoughts, general tips and some useful experiences совсем flirting signs on facebook videos youtube online games моему the topic.

Do not quootes of this book as a guide on how to teach yourself a language; you will be disappointed.

flirting quotes goodreads books reviews ratings chart

Feb 26, Olga rated it it was amazing. May 21, Vivian rated it really liked it.Rate book. Read or buy.

Books by Hailey Abbott

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flirting quotes goodreads books reviews ratings chart

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Educational Value. Positive Messages. What parents need to know Parents need to know that The Girl from Flirting quotes goodreads books reviews ratings chart is a fantasy adventure set mostly in Hawaii during the mids and features teens involved in criminal activities pirating and other robberies.

Continue reading Show flirting quotes goodreads books reviews ratings chart. Stay up to date on new reviews. Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox. User Reviews Parents say Kids say. Be the first to review this title. Kid, 9 years old December 31, This book does include mild teenage romance and the thefts that several characters pulled off and get away with, and par Continue reading.

Report this review. Teen, 14 years old Written by kristenb. November 28, This is not worth your time. The Mueller Report. Pretty Reckless. Unexpected Gift. Good dating apps for 6 without itunes Overdue Life of Amy Byler.

The Envy of Idols: A High School Bully Romance.

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Boyfriend Bargain. Cold Waters Normal, Alabama Book 1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Baby Touch and Feel: Where the Crawdads Sing. Goodnight Moon.

Strange Planet. Baby University Four-Book Set. The Story of Life. Maybe You Should Talk to Someone: A Therapist Magnolia Table: A Collection of Recipes for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Girl, Stop Apologizing: A Shame-Free Plan for Cam definitely found a spot on my bookboyfriend list.

She never really felt like she fit in growing up and wants her own life and not what her parents want from her. What I saw of Jack, I loved. He seems like an interesting character. The fact that Cam and Jack make a pact not to hook up with any women for a month, haha. The hilarious part of this pact is that the loser has to do laundry for a year. Out of everything they could think of, laundry?

Hilarious, haha. Flirting With Forever is filled with great friendships, humor, romance, some sexy times and very lovable characters. I love seeing a friendship develop in to so much more.

Some characters are really just meant to be together! I reviwes she writes more of these books! Then again, I like all the tropes she writes, haha. Aug 29, Kahea rated it really liked it Shelves: It was sweet, smexy and though it was low on angst it had a good dose of the characters battling themselves to best dating teens 2016 names 2017 things interesting from the first page til the very end.

I loved Camden and Natalie. Both are good people with good hearts who are both doing what they love and living their best lives. Flirting quotes goodreads books reviews ratings chart friendship is rock solid.

I must say that I love that Ms. Ryan kept things simple with this friends to lovers romance. Yes, there is a lot of hemming and hawing, but it was done well and it kept me turning to pages in anticipation of when one of them would cave. Apr 13, TheEuphoricZat rated it really liked it. So freaking steamy!!!! Aug 17, Shayna rated it it was amazing Shelves: It was fun, flirty, sexy, and oh so romantic! I enjoyed the ease of their florting, as well flirting quotes goodreads books reviews ratings chart, the complications that goodfeads with wanting more.

In my mind, Cam is the ultimate book boyfriend. He gives you all the feels flirting quotes goodreads books reviews ratings chart all the right places. This is the feeling I get every single time I lose myself in a Kendall Ryan romance. Aug 19, Bookgasms Book Blog rated it really raings it Shelves: Flirting with forever was a fun and sexy story that is synonymous with Kendall Ryan. It was heartwarming, emotional flirting quotes goodreads books reviews ratings chart full of real, likeable, magnetic characters.

I was hooked from the start and could not get enough of this story. When this author puts foodreads amazing spin on standard tropes, what you get is so fantastic and unexpected, you flirting quotes goodreads books reviews ratings chart are consumed right away.

I loved Cam and Natalie. When roommates and bestfriends Cam and Jack make a pact to steer clear of women, Cam could never have boiks that he would become interested in their mutual best friend, and third musketeer to their trioNatalie, and start picturing her as his forever girl especially when the bet starts getting in his way of making a move! This story was so delicious!! I loved the sexy banter between Cam and Natalie and the blisteringly hot sexytimes. I loved that their connection was hot but emotional as well.

Regiews in all, this was fantastic and I look forward to gooderads from this author! It was so much fun watching them realize that there was something more than friendship to their feelings. Cam knew he loved Natalie since he laid eyes on her—but that pesky deal with Jack flirting quotes goodreads books reviews ratings chart they were teens made him reel in his feelings.

And Natalie. Jeez, woman, open your eyes! Flirting With Forever is full of fun, witty, snarky, sexy banter. And a whole lotta swoons! After knowing each other for fifteen years, Camden, Reiews and Natalie have been best friends ever since they met in sophomore year of high school. Camden agrees on the bet without thinking about the consequences that will ultimately follow. Flirting quotes goodreads books reviews ratings chart realizing it he starts to see Natalie in a different light and he is not sure what do about his new found feelings for her.

Natalie has always been there for her friends and when she senses that Camden is acting different around her she starts to wonder why. She is attracted to him, just like any other woman would, but her feelings are changing. She no longer sees the teenage guy that she met in biology class, but the man that he has become.

Natalie knows that if she tells him how she feels he may not feel the same, but when things get carried all bets are off and she decides to give in without thinking about the events that would follow. Kendall Ryan knows how to deliver a great romance story and this was no different.

I loved the main characters and the interactions that they have with the rest of the characters in the story. Figuring out what to do with their new-found feelings for each other is just part of the whole book. Natalie has been through a rough childhood and she is still figuring out where flirting quotes goodreads books reviews ratings chart belongs. Cam is such an over-protective guy that is charming and sweet.

He knows Natalie very well and he understand her on a deeper level.

flirting quotes goodreads books reviews ratings chart

Teviews all in all, the story was short and simple filled with lots of passionate scenes and the ending fit them boooks well. I would highly recommend reading this story and any others by the author. You will not regret it! Sep 03, Ryan - Sweet Red Reader rated it really liked it.

Oh boy! Can I get a Cam for Christmas? The sweetly sexy pediatrician won my heart early on with his steadfast интересная love and dating advice forums 2016 youtube video мне and devotion to his two best friends.

I really liked Natalie too, flirting quotes goodreads books reviews ratings chart Cam is definitely my fave in this couple. I appreciate that the blurb is sort of a misdirect regiews after the first chapter I could not help but question the sanity of any character th Oh boy! This was a sexy slow burn that I was not expecting and did not want to end. In cyart, I would have been ecstatic to get at least 50 more pages so ratinhs we could get to know the characters better and perhaps develop their hcart even further!

OH Mi Gosh! This one is a super cute, charming, sexy friends-to-lovers romance. Camden, Jack, and Natalie have been the inseparable three musketeers for years but they never dare to cross the line to something romantic, fearing they would lose the strong friendship bond. Cam and Jack made a pack since the first day they laid eye on Natalie that neither of them will pursue Natalie romantically.

Now that they are all grown adults Cam started to have feelings for Natalie and it is becoming harder to resist her. Natalie also noticed the subtle changes between her and Cam.

She never looked at Cam beyond her best buddy until now. All the sudden Cam is a whole more gorgeous, sexy and irresistible devoted doctor.

The sexual tension and the attraction between Cam and Natalie is off the chart. Sucks to want something you cannot have!!! I love everything about this book — the characters, the incredible chemistry, the banters, the sexual tension and the light-hearted plot. Sometimes, I just crave a little heartwarming, flirty, low drama rom-com and this book totally did it for me.

Flirting quotes goodreads books reviews ratings chart and sweet and delicious! Sep 06, We like it big book blog rated it really liked it. Donna has given us a cart, informative, and extremely practical guidebook on the steps to flirtingg started and maintaining a home business.

Making Money from Home by Donna Partow

I flirting quotes goodreads books reviews ratings chart reading this book with the mindset that I would learn how ratigns make some extra money on the side while staying home. It shows you how to build a career from working at home.

This is the perfect handbook and encouragement for those who work outside the house and want to make quoges jump to working from home. I found chapter 10, on legal and financial issues, to be very helpful as it took some deeper topics and made them simple to understand. And I also greatly appreciated the chapter on E-bay which literally gives you the step-by-step knowledge of how to make it work for you.