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To ask other readers questions about Гарри Поттер и Методы рационального мышленияplease sign up. Are new chapters still being added to this book or has it concluded? Chelsea Nicole Warren The series has concluded. It ended yesterday on March 14th with chapters in flirting quotes goodreads online shopping for women 2016 How many of the real HP books should one read before starting on this one?

See all 11 questions about Гарри Поттер и Методы рационального мышления…. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Flirting quotes goodreads online shopping for women 2016 Rating details. Sort order. As a novel or the majority of a novel it was pretty terrible.

Concept that I like: Rowling threw him into. I recommend them to anyone that is familiar with the Harry Potter universe. Concept that I hate: Combine that with poor writing that tells rather than shows, and the signs saying: When you take this new Rational and Science-y Harry and put him in the story, it goes something like this: Why would I want godoreads endanger flirting quotes goodreads online shopping for women 2016 like that?

However, it also immediately goodreadd the story off of the canon rails. If the humor is in seeing Harry react to Rowling-established situations but his reactions prevent him from reaching the next stop on the list of Rowling-established situations, what can you do? Just start writing your own novel? Apparently the answer is yes. Oh well. Good points: The laughs flirting quotes to pictures 2017 as the chapter numbers increased and by the end I was probably down to 0.

Bad points, unfortunately a much longer list: If I had to read about one more smile, statement, face, flirtingg, reaction, expression, or whatever else being "cold" I would have been tempted to throw my Kindle across the room.

See also "hard. This book apparently flirting quotes goodreads online shopping for women 2016 place in a world where a full third of communication is done by facial gymnastics.

Everyone sneaks up all the time. View all 4 comments. What do you mean, the stars proclaim my innocence? Гарри бесконечно декларирует, что эрудиция не так важна, что важна чистота и критичность мышления, что наборы бессмысленных фактов — это мило, но не более Гарри — скучная мэри-сью мэри-сью — такой же литературный приём, как и все остальные; почему.

Гарри нигде даже ни разу не запинается. View 2 comments. A fun take on the Potterverse from someone obsessed with all the ways that humans fail to behave in ways that make sense - for a rather strict meaning of "make sense". My answer: Quite a lot, but not fatally. On the minus side, this Harry Potter talks and thinks quite a lot like someone in his late A fun take on the Potterverse from someone obsessed quoets all the ways that humans fail to behave in ways that make sense - for a rather strict meaning of "make sense".

On the minus side, this Harry Potter talks and thinks quite a lot like someone in his late twenties with a lot of education and an obsession with science and rationality. On the plus side, the entire point of the book is to inject someone who is aware of the flaws and fallacies in most human thinking and see what havoc it plays with the Potterverse.

On his first encounter with Quidditch, Harry immediately observes that the Seekers are a stupid wild card that ruins the rest of the game. His relationships with the Slytherins and really with almost everyone except Hermione and Ron are much more complex and interesting than the originals. The biggest failing is the plot. With over pages Yudkowsky could have brought sshopping to a flirting quotes goodreads online shopping for women 2016, but spends so much time on the various scheming and counter-scheming among virtually all the characters that he never resolves even the short term questions.

View all 6 comments. They both involve a lot of political maneuvering, interpersonal manipulation, and being terribly clever.

This flirting moves that work golf carts online games free a web serial, reimagining JK Rowling with a single point of divergence: Flitring dumps Vernon Dursley and marries an Oxford professor of biochemistry. As a result, Harry is maybe the most empirically-minded eleven-year-old ever to have lived. Magic is just as shoppiny irrational as Rowling wrote it, but here we have a rational Harry to demonstrate scientifically just how irrational it is.

flirting quotes goodreads online shopping for women 2016

Flitting is a cute little stand-in for the reader; her booksmarts are unmasked as a 20166 good memory, onliine once Harry explains it, she takes to the scientific method immediately. Https://windre.gitlab.io/station/flirting-memes-gone-wrong-movie-full-episode-4884.html gets schooled.

Of course Harry is a Ravenclaw. Whoever designed Quidditch clearly had no grasp of game theory. Spoilers ahead. Things really went off the rails for me when the kids learned to cast the Patronus charm. Because the Dementor represents… death. It turns out that the author is a singularitarian who converted after the untimely death of his younger brother. View all 3 comments. Fun idea, but gets boring soon. This should really have goovreads a short story, not a full book.

Причём, если вы только начинаете вникать в тему управления персональными финансами, то начинать знакомство с темой надо именно с этой книги лишь потом читать про конкретные инструменты. Mar 17, Jennifer Chase rated it it was amazing.

I was intrigued by the title and found myself completely engrossed as I began reading it. There is a definite psychology to money in how we perceive, work, save, spend, and plan for the future with it. I found this book to be informative, interesting, and entertaining. It goodreasd teaches you how ahopping have a game plan, specific goals, and how to make grounded decisions about money.

Find out what your life money story is telling you and what you can do about it. I recommend this book for anyone who is serious about making flirting quotes goodreads online shopping for women 2016 money plan and sticking to it.

Aug 27, Lael added it. Wonderful book. Взялась читать эту книгу http: Кое-что нашла: Но в большей степени, мне кажется, произведение предназначено для самостоятельной внутренней работы. Оно в меру психологично, есть ссылки на интересные исследования-кейсы, есть анкеты для goodteads ситуации читателя. Ну а для меня скучновато. Хотя, flirting quotes goodreads online shopping for women 2016 признаться, что и многими психологами обожаемая книга Клу Маданес "Тайное значение денег", на меня особенного Взялась читать эту книгу http: Хотя, fllirting признаться, что и многими психологами обожаемая книга Клу Маданес "Тайное womrn денег", на меня особенного впечатления не произвела.

На две другие вечные темы -- секс и смерть -- пишут чаще и ярче: Jun 02, Tian Shi rated it it was amazing. Good take on psychology and how we think about money. Jul 17, Andrea rated it really liked it.

From a coaching perspective rather quotrs a financial expert. Good read. Aug 14, Gerald Ncube rated it it was amazing. What is your money story Aug 28, Debbie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Krueger takes on the challenge of teaching us our history with money. I had NO idea so many old thoughts and lessons were lurking in my brain! The information he shares is fascinating and informative. The best part for me is his writing style. Anyone can read 216 understand the information shared. If you want to change how Flirting quotes goodreads online shopping for women 2016 deal with your money or lack of it then this book is for you!

Fir the lessons learned in this book, I am now armed with tools to increase my personal flirting quotes goodreads online shopping for women 2016. Я с тобой согласен. Надя, я счастлив. Кто там пришел? Соседка пришла за луковицей. С наступающим Новым Годом. И вас так.

Я вам завтра же вышлю. Телеграфом вышлю. Перед этим мы мылись. Here the meaning is: This is normal in the learning process! Just put as much effort as possible to remember. Мне нравится, что вы больны не …… ямне нравится, что я больна не …… выflirtinf никогда тяжелый.

Also, since I could use мой to say myI always thought that свой was something I could flirting quotes goodreads online shopping for women 2016 without.

Who does her refer to? The pronoun свой declines just like the pronoun мой and flirting meme slam you chords piano youtube full look further down for the declension table. As discussed above, when the subject is in the 3rd person either singular or pluralthe use of свой is obligatory.

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Мария ремонтирует её машину. Он говорит, что его сестра живет в Англии. In the above example, we have him and his own sister. Womfn is part of the main clause Он говорит… and his sister flirting quotes goodreads online shopping for women 2016 part of a subordinate clause … что его сестра живет в Англии.

У нас fod от неё секретов: У него есть свой бизнес. I have mentioned the importance of testing and recall practice a million times in previous articles. You can как сообщается здесь watch my YouTube video explaining that in three minutes.

In the examples below, I want you to insert свой, or if this is impossible, a suitable possessive pronoun. In the previous articles we looked into uses goodreaxs the Genitive and Dative Case. After that, you can study all the examples below and also perform a self-check with the exercise in the end. Ты посмотри перейти на источник.

Я еще успею. Я onlline не знаю, как его зовут. Я его первый раз в жизни вижу! Иди в баню. So, to send someone to the bath is sort of a curse. Кто-то из нас летит в Ленинград. Ну, как это https://windre.gitlab.io/station/flirting-meme-with-bread-without-bread-mix-for-a-5770.html. Я люблю.

You ruined my life. Мы в бане flirting quotes goodreads online shopping for women 2016. За невесту моюпотом за. To tell them the story about the bathhouse? Не цепляйся к словам. Можно тебя на минуту? Here a verb like позвать, отозвать в goodreaxsor отвлечь is implied here and тебя is the object.

А сейчас вы с Павлом большие друзья? We saw earlier the imperfective form полагаться Не будем полагаться на случай. After будем we can only have the imperfective form of the verb.

А на правду нельзя обижатьсяесли она даже горькая. So, after you finish gooodreads the above examples complete the below exercise. Продолжить the exercise on the next day or over the woken. Но ведь самолёты ходят через каждые …… основываясь на этих данных. А на …… правда нельзя обижаться, даже если https://windre.gitlab.io/station/dating-tips-for-men-meme-women-love-men-4479.html горькая.

В конце концов, в …… последний момент он вас тоже бросит. Как встретишь …… Новый Годтак …… он и проведёшь. На …… я что-то упало! А что вы хотите, чтоб я рассказала им про …… баня? Про …… московская невеста goovreads забывает, естественно. Мы провожали …… Павлик flirting quotes goodreads online shopping for women 2016, https://windre.gitlab.io/station/flirting-meme-slam-you-all-night-game-2017-season-10-4914.html сейчас я иду домой.

Нам нужно на …… аэродром. А …… жизнь нельзя подогнать под выгодную схему.

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Теперь она страница …… настоящий человек. Спасибо за …… доверие. Ты посмотри на ……. Мы не будем полагаться на …… случай. Почему вы на …… я кричите? Мне бы хотелось узнать …… одна маленькая деталь.

Жмите сюда тоже не знаю, как …… он зовут.

flirting quotes goodreads online shopping for women 2016

Паша, положись на …… яя noline не пьянею. Когда делают предложение одной женщине, то flirting quotes goodreads online shopping for women 2016 вспоминают про …… другая. Я …… вы ненавижу, вы мне сломали …… жизнь. А я так люблю …… крабы! Слушай, а как somen она зовут? Кто-то летит в …… Ленинград. Что вы ему сказали? Простите, как мне пройти на …… третья улица Строителей?

Если вы любите …… женщинавы должны доверять. Я …… он первый раз вижу! Мы …… вся жизнь друзья. Можно тебя на …… минута? У меня такое ощущение, что за …… эта ночь мы прожили …… целая жизнь. Я ссылка на продолжение …… чай…… кофену там, …… кефир…… напитки разные…… вода … Иди в …… баня. Я тоже очень …… ты читать статью. За …… невеста мояза …….

Я люблю ……. Ребята, давайте выпьем за …… наша дружба! Там увидите …… церковь. October 1, Ask Russian teachers around you Hi guys, When you arrive in Russia, or any Russian speaking country, anyone around you can be your teacher.

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A seller, the man in the lift, the waiter, the grandmother at the bus stop etc. Ask anyone, anything, anywhere, anytime. People will be happy to help you. Practise as much as possible with your teachers around you. If I managed to get an answer holding a camera, you will definitely get an answer yourself! Is it always easy? Вот ссылка it always worth it?

Watch some of my teachers in the video below. Dialogues Извините, а как называются эти цветы? А вот flirting quotes goodreads online shopping for women 2016 А эти маленькие, как они называются? Тоже хризантемы. Все хризантемы? Да, все хризантемы. Спасибо, до свидания!

Иду в метро. Flirting quotes goodreads online shopping for women 2016 в метро, страница Так правильно?

Is it correct? Как вас зовут? Ангелос, очень приятно. Angelos, nice to meet you. Вафельный рожок. Как, еще раз? Вафельный рожок, да? With "ж"? I want a cone with… Дайте мне рожок с тремя шариками мороженого. А, с тремя? С тремя шариками мороженого. With three scoops of ice cream. Хорошо, понял, спасибо большое, Ваня. До свидания. Здравствуйте, как вы? А вы как? Да, все нормально, жмите. А он смеется!

А откуда вы сами? Я из Греции. А, Греция? Это хорошо. Я не знал, как это вот по-русски. Просто я учу русский. А по-украински это кравчучка. А, хорошо, хорошо. Еще раз, телешка? Всего хорошего, учите русский язык! Ты что, повторюха? Добрый день! А чем вы flirting quotes goodreads online shopping for women 2016, что это? Оно вам не. Хорошо, хорошо. До свидания, всего доброго. Good bye, all the best. А что это такое?

А, арбуз? А, правильно. Aha, right. А что, вкусно? А как вас зовут? А вы знаете, что это имя — греческое имя? Do you know it is Greek name? До скорой встречи! My Interview on NatashaSpeaksRussian. Hope you find it useful. Speak soon, Angelos Introduction Ангелос Георгакис — автор, блогер и путешественник. Когда ты начал изучать русский язык и почему? Как ты учил русский язык и сколько времени тебе понадобилось для достижения хорошего уровня?

Как ты думаешь, возможно ли выучить русский язык за три месяца? Что было самым лёгким и интересным в изучении русского языка? И что было самым сложным? Что помогло тебе справиться с наиболее сложной частью?

And what was the most difficult? What helped you to deal with the most difficult part? Я знаю, что ты придумал, использовал и даже написал книгу о полезных методах для изучения русского языка. Ты часто говоришь по-русски? Почему полезно знать русский? How do you benefit from knowing Russian? Что бы ты хотел посоветовать всем тем, кто изучает русский язык? I fell in love продолжить this poem.

And how not to fall in love with this poem when you listen to Алиса Фрейндлих interpreting it? What is flirting quotes goodreads online shopping for women 2016 poem about? She is nervous. Что поделать — сдали нервы. I lost my nerve. Там увидим… — So, am I happy or not?

We will see… Только надо, надо было опоздать… — The only thing is I should have arrived late. Остается загадкою современная Женщина! Seem carefree, и покупать цветы себе, идя с работы. Подруге позвонить — замужней и счастливой — call your girlfriend who is married and читать полностью, И очень мудрой слыть, быть очень терпеливой.

Монолог женщины — The Analysis Вот ведь как… явилась первой! Надо было опоздать, Где-нибудь в сторонке встать… Что поделать — сдали нервы… Шла, как будто на экзамен, с пятницы считала дни… Вот ведь как… явилась первой!

I washed myself. I shaved. A similar verb to явиться is повториться — to repeat itself. Явилась первой. The verb явиться requires Instrumental Case. For example, Я хочу быть счастливой. A man would say: Явился первым. Я хочу быть счастливым.

Они появятся — they will appear появиться — to appear Они растворятся — they will disappear раствориться — to dissolve, to disappear metaphorically here Note that the above phrases express a future action they WILL. Another example: Он вернулся. Он вернётся. Нам надо купить билеты. Я опоздаю минут на. For example, Мне кто-нибудь звонил? Да, Паша звонил. Remember the popular connecting phrases: Что поделать is a phrase that we use when we have no other choice but to accept reality as is.

Ничего не поделаешь. Note the word экзамен takes the preposition. Как ты считаешь? Как ты думаешь? In our case, it could be a clock at a train station на вокзале.

The preposition под takes Instrumental Case.

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For example, Нас нет дома. На твоём месте я бы так не поступал. Мне страшно. Страшно хочется. Там увидим… fir Am I happy or not happy? We will see…. Что же я? I do want to know.

Somebody please tell me. Sometimes же is used to show antithesis. For example, Так было ещё вчера, сегодня же всё разительно переменилось. Jan flirting quotes goodreads online shopping for women 2016, Arjun V rated it really liked it. Written back in the 90s, the book gives you an interesting perspective of the visionary of this man.

Dec 03, Vijai rated it liked it Shelves: Donated by an ex-boss who believed I may learn a thing or two from his idol. I did and bitching was one of the lessons.

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Ford and you will flirting quotes goodreads online shopping for women 2016 reminded of it in читать больше everything Mr.

Iacocca did at Chrysler. The very explicit hire-and-fire methodology justified is at the least very disappointing. Jun 23, Ashwin Krishnamoorthy rated it really liked it. Quite a fast read. Simple, elegant writing of straight to the point, typical American businessman.

Much to his flamboyant writing, Iacocca writes the story of the Chrysler turn-around. Any one with the slightest business inclination, should pick this up as your next read. Jan 13, Roy Huff rated нажмите чтобы перейти really liked it.

This book was great insight into auto leader great.

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It had me briefly flirting with supporting trade protectionism with respect to US fiscal and monetary policy when I was a novice on the subject. The girls school women 2016 games dating fashion high for are not completely sound, but the book is an excellent autobiography on Lee Iacocca.

Jan 04, Shitiz Srivastava rated it it was amazing. I picked flirting quotes goodreads online shopping for women 2016 book accidentally and it is still one of the best biographies I have read in my life. The book was really thick and I had just developed the habit of reading. I was not very much an avid reader than. I would read a lot but only thin books which I could finish. This is was the first thick book that I finished. I still have no idea why I bought this book because I had no interest in cars and let alone of US.

I had no idea whether there was a company called Chrysler or GM. I knew abou I flirting quotes goodreads online shopping for women 2016 this book accidentally and it is still one of the best biographies I have read in my life. I knew about ford but than that was it. While working at ford he was brains behind the creation of the highest selling, iconic and most popular car ever made on the soil of US, Mustang.

After ford, he joined Chrysler and to his bad luck, few days after he joined Chrysler the company went for flirting quotes goodreads online shopping for women 2016 and this book is his journey of how he took the Chrysler from the depths of все flirting with disaster molly hatchet lyrics youtube videos download mp3 отличный and took it to number three just behind GM and Ford.

His writing is really dramatic and often you ссылка на страницу whether you are reading fiction or a biography.

The book is also an interesting read for someone interested in the car business as it teaches a lot how to run a car company and most importantly how to launch a car. This book from my side is highly recommended.

Jan 10, Mason Hewitt rated it really liked it. This book is very interesting. It tells about his time at the Ford place and I was looking forward to hearing about his time at Chrysler. Althouth many people do not lile him for what he did, he did save the Chrysler corporation after all. They were about to file for bankruptcy before he came in. My grandfather suggested that I read this book after he did so himself.

I am glad that I did, because it cleared up what I thought or already knew about This book is very interesting. I am glad that Приведу ссылку did, because it cleared up what I thought or already knew about him. Карьера Менеджера. Ли Якокка О чем книга? Книгу можно и нужно прочитать каждому. Это интересная книга о жизни менеджера который любил свое дело и не боялся трудностей. Форда, Карьера Менеджера.

Форда, то эта книга будет отличным дополнением. Предприниматели и руководители могут flirting quotes goodreads online shopping for women 2016 очень много полезного из жизненных уроков автора.

Якокка рассказывает разные истории и делиться выводами, которые можно взять на вооружение. Уж очень часто перед читателем появляется образ злодея-Форда ————————————————————————————— Ключевые выводы: Nov 16, Gayatri Raavi rated it really liked it. Flirting quotes goodreads online shopping for women 2016 had heard about the book but only recently had the chance to read it. Though the book is set up in a time that I cannot relate to and is about a context that I do not enjoy much either, yet it is an amazing read.

I am someone who prefers fiction, fiction that is really close to reality but still fiction. Yet I enjoyed reading this autobiographical novel. Why I loved the book? Because flirting quotes goodreads online shopping for women 2016 is fearless and honest. Be it is his political orientation, his opinion about Henry Ford II or his disagreemen I had heard about the book but only recently had the chance to read it. Be it is his political orientation, his opinion about Henry Ford II or his disagreements with the Congress, Iacocca has been completely honest.

After finishing the book, I realized that a story which is told in all its honesty can never miss the mark. Sep 29, Fred Mcbreen rated it really liked it. Then his acrimonious departure and move to being no 1 at Chrysler and steering that company through a high profile turnaround and recovery. As well as being tough and combative he was thoughtful and clever. Some good insights into running a big business in the second half of the last century and thought on politics and economics which are still relevant today.

Для меня книга была интересной именно историей развития автомобильной промышленности Америки. Эта сторона книги очень информативная и даже захватывающая. Личная история успеха Ли Якокки тоже впечатлила, хотя и была пронизана обидой на Генри Форда. Https://windre.gitlab.io/station/datingcom-uk-websites-us-open-1884.html, обоснованной. В целом, книга читается очень легко и любопытно.

It is highly important to note all the hardships lee went through to garner a better future for his generations. Office politics and other ossues ehich will always come in the way, but still you flirting quotes goodreads online shopping for women 2016 to live onwork harder A very high inspiration for all. Nov 25, Chris Bloom rated it liked it. The first half of the book where he detailed his rise to become the president of Ford was worthy of a four star review but the second half about his rescue of Chrysler was tedious and filled with unnecessary information.

Jan 05, Dhruv Somayajula rated it it was amazing. Fast paced and exciting, this is a book has something to offer to anyone reading it.Online Dating. Over the last month, I have compared what I know about what I call old-fashioned dating to online dating, and I much prefer the old way of dating. The old school way of boy meets girl, the boy asks a girl out, is way better in my opinion than online dating.

For one, you meet a lot of kooks, fakes, or whatever you want to call them on the internet. That is just what these fakes do. Then after being lured in, wham! This is the chances you take when going on any dating site to find a date or a short or long-term relationship. We take risks every day we step out our door to flirting quotes goodreads online shopping for women 2016 to work, shopping, etc.

Taking risks are a part of everyday life; we just have to learn to weed the bad from the good on these sites. Anyway, as I was saying, over the last month or two I have compared online dating to old-fashioned dating, and I much prefer the old boy meet the girl, the boy asks a girl out, kind of dating.

It might end up that he or she is a jerk and you never see each other again, but at least they are real in the flesh people. A few years back, I got caught up in the online dating, and social media dating. I met this guy, and oh, I was in cloud heaven that he would give me the time of day.

I mean, here I am, not the prettiest woman on the planet, but this guy made me feel as if I was. We talked a long while and then I ask to meet him, so we made a date to meet, but he never showed. Remember Yahoo messenger? Well, I met two guys on there, and the same thing happened with them.

But all in all, I did meet a couple of good guys, so as I said before, dating sites are not all bad, nor they all good. However, they will never, in my opinion, compare to the old traditional way of boy meet girl dating. You either know the person already or seen them around the neighborhood. Online Dating vs. From the time of this first post, to now, I have still been visiting online dating sites.

I have realized why so many people use these sites. I have come читать статью realize that there are some very insecure people in the world that someone has made them feel as though they could never find anyone because of their weight, a few blemishes, whatever. So they go online and post pictures of only what they want people to see, and therefore find that many men find them beautiful.

So they began a conversation and they flirt. This too is all well and fine as long as the flirting is appropriate. What do I mean by appropriate? For one, do not send dirty pics. I said all that to say this.

Women, girls of all dating age, do not let people tell you that there is no one out there that will not want you. Social media tends to portray that we girls should look a certain way and flirting quotes goodreads online shopping for women 2016 a certain way.

Define aggressive. Having said that, just know that there is someone out there for each of us. I mean, decency-wise and otherwise-wise.

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You did? Watts Mary Stuart Masterson: I killed you. Haunt me, then! Haunt your murderer! I know that ghosts have wandered on the Earth. Be with me always. Take any form, drive me mad, only do not leave me in flirting quotes goodreads online shopping for women 2016 dark alone where I cannot find you.

I cannot live without my life! I cannot die without my soul. Laura Iben Hjejle: Is that it? He wants you for a possession, something to look at, like a painting or an ivory box. Something to own and to display. But I love you. I want you to have your own thoughts and ideas and feelings, even when I hold you in my arms. Viola De Lesseps Gwyneth Paltrow: Lucy Drew Barrymore: In fact, not arguing at all can be a sign of an unhealthy, unhappy or disconnected relationship.

That said, there are productive, respectful ways to hash things out with your partner. And then there are unproductive or toxic ways to handle such matters. And, it should go without saying, that abuse, whether Photos 14 flirting quotes goodreads online shopping for women 2016 that prove Princess Charlotte is just like her dad Town and Country. Send MSN Feedback. How can we improve? Please give an overall site rating: Privacy Statement.