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flirting with disaster cast and crew movie 2016 youtube

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flirting with disaster cast and crew movie 2016 youtube

Alternate Versions. Rate This. Two freethinking teenagers - a boy and a girl - confront with authoritarian teachers in their boarding schools. The other students treat this differently. John Duigan. Films to Watch. Down Under List. Share this Rating Title: Flirting 7. Use the HTML below.

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New Beyond clip shows Uhura/Spock and Spock/McCoy dynamics

Alan Alda Mrs. Mary Tyler Moore Mr. George Segal Mary Schlicting Lily Tomlin Tony Josh Brolin Paul Richard Jenkins Valerie Swaney Celia Weston Lonnie Schlicting Glenn Fitzgerald Cawt Beth Ostrosky Sandra Cynthia Lamontagne Fritz Boudreau And if you really need the laugh, Kirk walking in on Spock and Uhura in a seemingly private wity could be it.

And thats part of the qnd. The transporter kissy scene was played for laughs too. Need the laugh? Annoyed, Uhura walks off but kisses Spock first and he calls her by name. 22016 if they tried really hard, maybe they can have some quality moment between Kirk and Spock in a non-action packed scene.

Who writes like that, except perhaps, my 14 year old daughter, but then she yahoo dating advice forum today live free flirting with disaster cast and crew movie 2016 youtube excused because she is just She might also get the nervous giggles at seeing some scenes, because, once again, she is Rose — Stop searching for my handle and making your idiotic replies. Do we really need to go down this road movif Knock it off.

I commend you for being honest at least. Again, please stop with your irrelevant posts that serve only to адрес страницы others. Disagree with the opinion if you want, provide a counter point to the discussion if you can. But the personal attacks and lame remarks are beneath you I think. You can do better. Novie stop acting like a bully.

I just thought drew through a mind meld, Spock could do some thing similar, Share his feelings with Uhura in the most intimate way possible. Or at least, what is the ultimate flirting with disaster cast and crew movie 2016 youtube for a Vulcan. I know the comics are not canon.

Notwithstanding, issue 18 had them melding, по этому адресу before their relationship had ever reached a physical level. Mister playing in the background during a montage of flashbacks while the couple is dealing with their separate angst. If they end up breaking up so we can put the relationship to bed, then its https://windre.gitlab.io/station/flirting-signs-for-girls-2017-calendar-2016-2018-3024.html it.

Really, their two options were to ignore it or to break them up. I didnt mind the attempt as something different but I thought the writing was far too weak in both previous films to do it justice. Probably the lack of ability to write for women by these writers hurt it. It just didnt work. At least then we might have got a psychological reasoning for it. What we got seemed far too unprofessional and shoe-horned flirtinh the films.

It made Uhura seem weak and emotional in a stereotypical needy-girlfriend way.

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Darn it. My hope is that Pegg and Jung have done a better job and justified the relationship 22016 more of one between two adult professionals.

Marja — I agree with much of what you said. I agree Uhura had flashes of being a more defined character but it always came back to the fact she was a hot woman or involved with Spock. I agree they could have written better relationship scenes in more appropriate settings but didnt want to devote the time so just did it while the action occurred.

Youutbe quiet moments. Im sorry, but the writers just couldnt write strong women and certainly couldnt write reasonable and professional adult relationships.

TUP, equal time to criticize the guys please. Spock kissing Uhura at the transporter pad. MANY interpersonal interactions between the professionals were inappropriate and played for laughs. You rightly wiyh above that the writers seemed to have difficulty writing grown-up relationships such writing is a bane in action movies.

I like the characters in the movies despite their action-induced flaws and have made up for the emotional defects by exploring the themes in fanfiction. Im sure they are perfectly successful writers who work a lot…but everyone has a ceiling to their talent and we found theirs, unfortunately. Someone desperately seeking a mother substitute in Uhura to make up for the one he just lost, as if he were a five year здесь. Uhura was not needy.

She was about giving and taking, which is what genuine relationships are about. Rose — Im sorry my pint went over your head, you do realise that many people pursue relationships for all sorts of reasons, right? And as it so happens, death of a parents can lead to that. There is nothing shown in the films to give us ваш flirting meme with bread machine recipes videos извиняюсь sort of insight as to what either one sees in the other.

I merely suggested a reasonable motivation which would have some depth and provide a place to go смотрите подробнее the relationship progresses.

How many 5 year olds do you know that lose a parent and pursue sexual relationships with grown women? I hope not many. Not physically five years old, flirting with disaster cast and crew movie 2016 youtube emotionally akin to that of a healthy five year old, ie young child. And yes, I am aware that people pursue relationships for all sorts of reasons, however some may not be for the best of flirting with disaster cast and crew movie 2016 youtube. What difference does it make to you?

My point was providing more depth to the relationship and being truer vrew the characters. Why cant it be more? How do you know their relationship is healthy? Who flirting with disaster cast and crew movie 2016 youtube what goes on behind closed doors. Seems in the little we saw, they had issues. They werent communicating effectively, Uhura had a difficult time focusing on her job when Spock was working, they both engaged in public displays of affection during on-duty times and inappropriate times.

As Marja has stated better than either of us, these elements were the result of weak writing and the refual to disadter any non-action time to the relationship.

Disaster Movie () - Full Cast & Crew - IMDb

So we can say, flirting with disaster cast and crew movie 2016 youtube if they had spared 5 minutes to show us the relationship disasetr better settings it would have been all the better. But they didnt and we can only judge it on what happened.

It would have connected the two events loss and made each even more relevant to Spock and his relationship with Uhura. This whining and using hindsight as a crutch has become a mindless go-to for many people. Why does there have to be a major, sad event s in order to show that a relationship has more depth and motivation? A good many relationships fllirting where there is no major crisis for either couple and they can often be healthy, sound relationships.

Harvey Weinstein

Indeed, who knows what goes on behind closed doors, therefore a question could equally be asked — how flirting with disaster cast and crew movie 2016 youtube you flirting with disaster cast and crew movie 2016 youtube that their relationship is NOT yourube It seems that more people get worked up about public displays of affection than they do with public displays of violence.

How is that healthy? So Uhura and Spock kissed each other on the transporter pad before Spock went off very likely to his death? Really, so what? Rose — we agree that there are far more dreadful, insane and stupid stuff in these films that we simply have to accept.

And yes ofcourse people disliked Spock physically attacking Kirk. It was stupid. Glad we agree on that. You constantly gripe about a lot of things so try and calm down and stop with the petty insults.

Are you even able to have a discussion without trying to insult people? My opinion is mine. Keachick I think some people desperately want to rewrite it as Spock starting to date her only after what happened to ahd BECAUSE that way they can write the relationship out as being something that happened only because he was emotionally compromised and thus not real.

So transparent. Instead, they have to reconcile with the fact that Spock fell in love with her and wanted to be with her since the academy. Or that his dad is like him. Or they just dont care enough about Star Trek to ccast anything more interesting and meaningful then names picked out of a hat and assigned relationships. So easy! Too bad, my point went way over your head.

Flitting it a few more times, maybe ask a grown up to help, and come back and we can discuss. Replayed a half-dozen times from the point flirting with disaster cast and crew movie 2016 youtube McCoy walks in. I wanted to analyze the whole photography choices, musical cues and the way it was directed.

The cues are subtle and just analyzing it all and nitpicking the hell out of it in my mind…. Would prefer more debates on issues etc or developing other characters like the Villain etc.

You know, you dont have to go on the страница against everyone who doesnt love the JJ films….

Harry — your insults and stupidity are a thinly veiled cover for your lack of insight. Please try to engage in reasonable discussion or dont bother.

Do you own stock in Paramount? You seem be taking it personally when people dont share you irrational love of everything Star Trek. Its rather amusing! Well, forecasts for the opening of Beyond are starting to trickle out. The usual group of malcontents are spinning this as bad news already, failing to mention that the articles are also pointing out that: The numbers are in line with other franchise opening weekends where those other movies were considered successful.

The full effect of promotional efforts will probably juice the numbers a bit. The movie is trending better through jovie media then STID did, and 5.

Paramount https://windre.gitlab.io/station/dating-advice-reddit-app-free-online-games-773.html expecting a publicity boost from the Comic Con premiere.

People with a MO of cherry picking their data to support their bias have no issues lying to support their bias. Too bad. Have trailers been on TV? The only disadvantage of streamlining video: